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Local Israeli Cuisine


Food enthusiasts (Foodies) interested in widening their knowledge of Israeli cuisine and local ingredients.

The Middle East is not only our ancient place of origin but also a rich resource of enticing ingredients growing right under our noses: sesame for tahini, hot pepper, the pomegranate, the eggplant, refreshing mint, citrus fruits, garlic, and, especially – olive oil. You will be surprised to discover that the diminutive olive, one of the seven species for which the Bible praises our land, hides within it a tremendous array of culinary possibilities that ignite the imagination and delight the senses!


In the seminar, we will make a variety of classic local dishes such as humus and tahina, falafel, grilled eggplant salad Israeli salad, lahmacun (pita baked with meat and spices), tabooli salad (bulgur and parsley), lamb kebab on a cinnamon stick, spring chicken thighs in a lafa (large, thin, pita), Orzo (Israeli risotto with root vegetables).


Dan Gourmet sets new standards in the study of the art of cooking, baking, and confectionery in Israel, and meets the meticulous professional standards practiced at the leading culinary schools in the world.
Each student works at a personal workstation with the most advanced equipment of its kind. Advanced technology enables personalized hands-on experience in learning conditions not yet seen in Israel.




Course opening depends on number of registered students (maximum in class –  35 students)

The seminar incorporates explanation, demonstration, and group work, with a  joint meal at the end where the food that has been prepared is enjoyed.

During the period of study, the student can leave personal equipment in lockers   located in the seminar area. The lockers do not have built-in locks, and the students should bring their own locks.

Larger groups can be accommodated with special preparation if scheduled in advance.

The seminar can be scheduled for morning or afternoon.

Participants will receive the recipes, in English, for what they prepare at the seminar.

Children can also participate, minimum age – 12.


For details and registration: 1-700-502-999
Dan Gourmet reserves the right to change the recipes in the seminar or course

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