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Tours to The Galilee, Golan and the Northern Valleys

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Liquid Gold – only available during the olive oil harvest season and is dependent on weather conditions.

Departure from Haifa or Caesarea

Nothing has stronger links to the flavors of the Mediterranean than olive oil and for thousands of years olives have been part of the diverse cultures of our region. Liquid Gold begins with visits to an ancient olive press and olive groves during harvest time, followed by an explanation of the oil extraction process at the olive press. Getting to know the different varieties of olives originating in the various regions of the Mediterranean is included in the tour as well as the chance to savor the oils they produce. Understanding what influences quality, acidity levels, and the organic characteristics of the oils will be discussed; and a private meal in a Dan Hotel will introduce you to the excellence of the Mediterranean Kitchen.


Olive Oil and Cheese

Olives, olive oil, cheeses and yoghurt made of goat and sheep milk are among the special features of the Mediterranean menu. The Olive Oil and Cheese tour concludes in the Galilee where an abundance of award winning olive oil is produced. The group will become acquainted with the diversity of oil produced by several regions in the area. Tasting sessions are included.
A special bonus on this tour is a visit to a boutique dairy where learning about cheese production will familiarize the group with the rich variety of available cheeses, and needless to say, a tasting session of the dairy’s premium products rounds off the visit. The Olive Oil and Cheese tour concludes with a memorable Mediterranean dairy feast at your hotel.



The L’Chaim tour explores Israel’s wine route in the Galilee, visiting a selection of the country’s leading wineries – both small and large. The visit provides insights into the wine production process from planting and cultivation of the vineyard to final bottling. During the tour the group will be provided with information regarding the tasting and sampling of a wide range of different categories of wines. L’Chaim culminates in an exclusive tasting menu at the hotel where each course will be accompanied by a wine that perfectly complements the dish.

We’ll Raise Our Glasses

A visit to Binyamina is an opportunity to comprehend where Israel’s wine industry began and to hear the story of how it evolved from infancy more than a hundred years ago. Visits to several wineries in the area will provide insights into their pioneering history and the role each facility played in the region’s growth. The wine production process will be professionally described from the nurturing of vines to final bottling. Here too, a guided sampling of an impressive selection of wines is included. The finale of We’ll Raise Our Glasses is an exclusive tasting meal in the Dan Hotel where each course will be served with a wine carefully chosen to perfectly balance the cuisine.

Travel arrangements:

Large groups travel by bus while smaller parties have the choice of touring in a minibus or making self-drive arrangements.

A small number of outings are seasonal and are not available during certain periods of the year, whereas other tours are dependent on suitable weather conditions.
Most sites we visit are family-run or managed by a small staff that, when necessary, can make changes to the itinerary.



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