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Tours in Central Israel


Liquid Gold

This tour begins with an in-depth presentation of olive oil production. Nothing is more strongly linked to the flavors of the Mediterranean than this marvelous oil. For thousands of years olives have been deeply rooted in our region’s diversified cultures. As you drive along the Mediterranean Coast and the Sharon Plain you will appreciate the enormous range of olive oil types and strains as the tour group learns about the differences in their tastes and aromas and the factors that influence oil quality, acidity levels and organic characteristics. The day ends with dinner at a Dan hotel accompanied by a fascinating range of extra virgin olive oils.


Medical and Culinary Herbs

The Mediterranean region is renowned for its rich variety of aromatic herbs and Israel is a major exporter of these products. Departing from Tel Aviv, the tour’s first stop is a visit to a hydroponic farm that specializes in growing aromatic herbs followed by an investigation into how medical and culinary herbs grow in a natural setting. After a lecture on this fascinating subject, a tasty meal will be served in the hotel – each dish enhanced by the rich flavors and aromas of Mediterranean herbs.

Another chance to raise our glasses


A visit to the Binyamina region will enlighten the group on how Israel’s wine industry evolved from its infancy in the 19th century. Visiting several wineries in the area will provide insights into their pioneering background including their central role in the region’s growth. The process of wine making from both the cultivation of the vines to final bottling will be presented by a local vintner. Here as well, professional guidance will be given as the group samples a special selection of wines. The day will end with an exclusive tasting meal in a Dan hotel. Each course will be matched with a wine expertly selected to complement the fare.

Travel arrangements:                                                                                              Large groups travel by bus while smaller parties have the choice of touring in a minibus or making self-drive arrangements.

A small number of outings are seasonal and are not available during certain periods of the year, whereas other tours are dependent on suitable weather conditions.
Most sites we visit are family-run or managed by a small staff that, when necessary, can make changes to the itinerary.

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